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Silicone Rubber – An Overview

October 26, 2012

Made of silicon along with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; Silicone is a synthetic compound having various useful qualities. Not only is Silicone rubber heat/cold resistant, it is also resistant to acid, water, oxidation, electricity, various weather conditions, staining, etc. Because of so many useful qualities of Silicone, it is molded and transformed in various forms such as rubber, oil, grease, resin, and more.

Properties Of Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber is one of the products that are used quite effectively and efficiently these days in number of industries. It is highly durable and resistant to natural conditions, extreme temperatures, chemicals, electricity, sunlight, etc. Also, while manufacturing Silicone Rubber; it can be made in different hardness/softness level according to the requirement of the end product. Not only that, it can also be given any desired color or shape. Silicone Rubber is highly inert and hardly reacts with most chemicals. Because of this property, it is widely used in lots of medical applications. Silicone Rubber is known for its flexibility and high tear strength. In comparison to conventional rubber, Silicone Rubber has higher compression, elongation, tear strength, etc. It can generally operate from -55 °C to + 300 °C.

Usability Of Silicone Rubber 
Because of so many useful properties of Silicone Rubber Sheet, it is used to make wide variety of products in various types of industries. Products manufactured using Silicone Rubber are used in many industries such as Automotive industry, Electrical industry, Aviation industry, Cookware industry, etc.  The applications of Silicone Rubber and its contribution are endless. Some of the very common items used in our day-to-day life are manufactured using Silicone Rubber. For example utensils, spark plugs, gaskets, toys, furniture parts, tires, electrical rubber mat, Electrical Insulation Mats, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Mats, Rubber Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses, etc.

Santosh Rubber Industry is a reputed organization well known as Rubber Sheet Manufacturers, Supplier and Exporter. Their production list includes wide range of Rubber and PVC Products such as Electrical Insulation Mats, Rubber Sheets, Rubber Mats, Rubber Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses, PVC Hoses, PVC Water Stop Seal, PVC Handrails and Fire Fighting Hoses. All the products manufactured are effectively tested in an ISI testing Lab so as to ensure that the products are well built, durable and efficient. Producing world class products of superior quality, Santosh Rubber Industry serves a wide range of industries such as Construction Industry, Food Processing Industry, Thermo/Hydro Power Projects, Pharmaceutical Plants, etc.

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