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The Applications of Industrial Rubber and Plastics

November 26, 2012

Rubber was first used as an eraser. Now, this is history and the realm to which the applications of Industrial Rubber extends, has expanded manifold.  Today, Rubber finds application in several industries for one or the other use. The natural properties of Rubber make it ideal for some of the very specific uses. There are two types of Rubbers in use: Natural Rubber that is prepared by coagulating the latex obtained from certain plants and Synthetic Rubber that is manufactured. Some of the applications of Industrial Rubber are listed below:

In Automobile Industry:
Both natural and synthetic Rubbers are heavily used in Automobile Industry in the fabrication of various components. Tubing, valves, suction cups, handles, grips, tyres, flexible diaphragms, gaskets, vibration isolators, seals, extruded profiles, etc, are some of the parts that are made from rubber.

In Electrical Equipment:
Use of rubber for thermal and electrical insulation in electrical equipment is not new. In fact, over the time, different varieties of Rubber have been developed to meet the safety standards.  Safety equipment like Rubber gloves and sleeves are must while handling electrical installations.

In Footwear Industry:
Synthetic Rubber is extensively used in Footwear Industry for making shoe soles. Rubber is ideal for the purpose owing to its physical properties such as high flexibility, low coefficient of friction, good weathering resistance, high strength, etc.

In Safety Equipment:
Rubber is used for the fabrication of a wide range of safety equipment. Fall arrest belts, seat belts, vests and pants for those working with electrical installations, eye protection equipment, a variety of harnesses, etc. are fabricated from Rubber.

Besides, there are many other uses of Industrial Rubber. Synthetic Rubber is available in various forms such as Neoprene Rubber Sheets, Silicone Rubber Sheets, Nitrile Rubber Sheets, Fabric Reinforced Rubber Sheets, etc. These varieties of Rubber are used for various purposes such as in the fabrication of mats, hoses, etc.

There are a number of  Rubber Sheet Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Santosh Rubber Industry is one among them. The company is located in Rajasthan and offers a wide array of Rubber and Polymer Products. The offerings of the company include Electrical Insulation Mats, Rubber Sheets, Rubber MatsIndustrial Rubber Hose, Fire Fighting Hoses, PVC Water Stop Seal, Hydraulic Hoses, etc. For more information regarding the company and the products offered by it, one can log on to

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