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Types And Applications Of Rubber Sheets

May 15, 2013

Rubber Sheets are utilized in a wide assortment of applications across various industrial sectors. Rubber Sheets are majorly used due to the properties of Rubber as an insulator and the ease with which it can be folded, molded, cut and shaped according to various requirements. Rubber sheet is ideally suited for applications where the sealing or protection is necessary. The use of rubbers is on a rise owing to the increased costs involved in making use of other alternatives. Hence, the combination of the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Rubber makes it widely used in industrial sectors.

There are particular forms of Rubber products that have gained prominence over others. Rubber Sheets, for instance, are products that are used in many areas and can be used flexibly for different purposes.

Rubber Sheets are available in the market today, in various designs & specifications. These variations are made in order to make them suitable for specific applications. The major differences in their production divide them into the following types:

  • Neoprene Rubber Sheets:Neoprene Rubber Sheets Suppliers offer excellent resistance to petroleum products, oil and flame, ageing, acid, heat, alkalis & cold mineral oils.
  • EPDM Rubber Sheets: These are ideal for outdoor and high zone environmental applications; & are resistant to acids, alkali and ketones.
  • Silicon Rubber Sheets: These are resistant to high temperature and have a low permeability. They are widely used in Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Nitrile Rubber Sheets: These sheets are specially designed for high resistance to oil and solvent products.

Popular Uses Of Rubber Sheets

  • One of the most popular uses of Rubber Sheets is in flooring applications. Rubber provides good amount of resistance to substances like oil and petroleum, ultraviolet lights, oxidizing elements, etc. Also, the ability to maintain its form even in cold temperatures is a reason why Rubber is widely used.
  • Rubber Sheets are used in a wide range of applications – automotive, defence, marine, etc. The Rubber Sheets are also used for making orthopedic footwear, & sand blasting curtains. They can be laid outside washrooms to prevent tripping, or can be laid under showerheads for the same reason.

Santosh Rubber Industry is the Natural Rubber Sheet Manufacturers offers Rubber Sheets in various sizes and thicknesses, in order to make them suitable for different industrial applications. The company also provides Rubber Hoses, PVC Water Stop Seals PVC Handrails/Extruded Profiles, etc.


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