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Different types of PVC Hoses

May 18, 2013

PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride is a very popular form of Plastic used widely, for various applications in making Pipes and Profiles. It is a white brittle solid, which is insoluble in alcohol. PVC is also widely used for making clothing and upholstery and can be availed by manufacturers in different variations. One of the very popular uses of PVC is in manufacturing Hoses. There are several types of PVC Hoses that are altered for the convenience of various applications. The applications that most usually require PVC are electric cable insulation, for making inflatable products, and as the most conventional substitute of Rubber.

Types of PVC Hoses
There are several available types of PVC Hoses that one can buy from the market. The difference between all the types lies in the construction and the applications for which they are utilized.

  • The first popular type of PVC Hoses is PVC Suction Hose, which is widely used for suction and discharge of water in irrigation and for the transportation of chemicals.
  • Another popular form of PVC Hoses is Reinforced PVC Lay Flat Water Delivery Hose. This Hose is used for light pumping applications and sleeving operations, etc.
  • Some manufacturers also demand Air and Pneumatic Hoses, which are required in Air conditioning and ventilation, and similar uses in the automobile industry, textile industry, vacuum cleaners, petroleum industry, etc.
  • Automobile industry also makes use of specially designed Super Spray/Car Washing Hoses. These are used for the high pressure spray of water.

Other prominent forms of PVC Hoses include Fire Fighting Hoses, PVC Duct Hoses, Steel Wire Re-Inforced Corrugated Flexible Hoses, etc. There are several reasons for which PVC Hoses are extensively being used instead of normal Rubber Hoses.

Benefits Of Using PVC Hoses

  • PVC Hoses are extremely economical and can be used in more freely than other forms of rubber.
  • Also, the fact that PVC Hoses are light-weight makes to work with
  • The flow & pressure of materials being transferred through PVC Hoses can be controlled, unlike other Rubber Hoses.
  • These can be used for conveying a wide range of materials like Abrasives, Chemical, Gasoline, Oil, etc.

Santosh Rubber Industry is a prominent provider of a wide and efficient range of PVC Hoses of several designs and types. Other products made available by the company include Electrical Insulating Mats, Rubber Sheets, PVC Water Stop Seal & PVC Handrails/Extruded Profiles,etc. In order to know more about the company.

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