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What Kind Of Swimming Pool Heater Should You Use?

November 29, 2013

Swimming Pool Heaters are of many types. Depending upon your choice and requirement, you can opt for electrical and solar. As well, there are several Swimming Pool Heaters that run on gas. Apart from the types, your decision to purchase Swimming Pool Heater can also be based on your budget and the shape of your swimming pool. Well, you can go through the following brief description to brush up your knowledge about the most commonly used Swimming Pool Heating Systems.

Gas Swimming Pool Heaters:
Gas Swimming Pool Heaters come in varied models i.e. natural gas as well as liquid propane. Once you get to know the effect of fuel price hike in their prices, you can opt for any of them. The price of both these types of Gas Swimming Pool Heaters remains almost the same. However, if you want to buy Gas Swimming Pool Heater which is environment friendly, you can go for the one in a low-nitrogen oxide model. This particular Gas Swimming Pool Heater is known for producing few emissions.

Electric Swimming Pool Heater:
You can also opt for Electric Swimming Pool Heater. Water by an Electric Swimming Pool Heater gets heated through a coil which is implanted in the pool. These types of Electric Swimming Pool Heaters are rather less efficient than other types and also take much time to heat the pool water. In an Electric Swimming Pool Heater, the heat pump conveys warm air into the water. Subsequently, the air on the heat pump is heated and transferred by the compressor into water through a heat exchange unit. Thus, by transferring rather than generating the heat, heat pump proves to be the best way to utilize electricity for heating the water of the swimming pool. However, the major drawback with Electric Swimming Pool Heater is that it entirely depends on warm air for heating and can’t be termed as effective during winters or spring.

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters:
In areas where the sun rays are quite prevalent, Solar Swimming Pool Heaters are of great use. In fact, with the use of a solar pool cover, Swimming Pool Heater can be utilized more efficiently. Furthermore, if properly maintained, Solar Swimming Pool Heaters last as long as 10 years.

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