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Hoses And Their Uses

December 4, 2013

A Hose or Hose pipe is used to transfer water or any other fluid in an easy, efficient and faster way. A Hose spigot is attached to one end of the Hose. There is a huge range of Hoses when it comes to type, material, size and shape. There are several attachments which are used with Hoses. Hoses are light-weight and can easily be repaired without putting in so much effort.

The different types of Hose pipes are used in various fields for variety of purposes:
·    Hoses are used to connect various parts of Machinery with the moving parts due to their flexibility. In this way, the Hose controls, redirects and manages the flow of fluid passing through.
·    Hoses are used to carry the materials like water, oil, air, chemicals.
·    In automotive industry, Hoses are used to make the Air Brake Hoses.
·    Hoses are used in automobile parts and engine.
·    Hosepipes are also used to manufacture the radiator Hoses which are resistant against fire and heat.
·    Corrosive Metallic Flexible Hoses are used to transport the highly corrosive chemicals like acids. Apart from these, Garden Hoses, Fuel Line Hoses, Heater Hoses, Flexible Hoses and HDPE Hoses are used to carry the corrosive material.
·    The Rubber Hose Pipe is used due to its great elasticity and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.
·    The Hoses made up of Teflon are ideal for handling the high pressures and can also be used in high temperatures.
·    The Teflon Hoses also find application in aircraft systems.
·    The Hoses are widely used in fire fighting. These are also helpful during floods for the purpose of dewatering.
·    Since the Hoses have high capacity of suction; therefore, these are used for the suction of mud.
·    Hoses are also used for deep excavation applications in mines and construction of dams and Hydel Projects, etc.

Superior quality Industrial Rubber Hose are crucial for motion control and fluid transfer in several industries . As such it is advisable to procure Hoses from reliable Rubber Hose Manufacturers and Suppliers. You can visit websites and portals to know the names of leading suppliers of Industrial Hoses.

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