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The Applications Of Industrial Rubber And Plastics

October 1, 2012

‘Industrial Rubber and Plastics’ is not a topic that is frequently discussed. In spite of rubber’s innumerable uses in day-to-day lives, very few people seem to notice its extensive presence. Another interesting dimension is the manufacture of Industrial Rubber as well as its many applications. These applications are related to numerous processes which are rarely observed consciously.

Industrial Rubber is commonly used in the manufacture of seals. Seals are simplified entities generally used to ensure that equipment is absolutely airtight and water-resistant. Tight and dependable seals are a must for various industrial applications. The Food And Beverages industry utilizes rubber seals in waste water recycling process, to avoid leakage at pipe-joints as well as in hydraulic systems. Besides, they are used in dosing machines and filling machines for packaging and in canning as well. Seals of different diameters are used as test-tube stoppers and in the manufacturing process.

Industrial Rubber is used to manufacture a wide range of products such as walking sticks, doorsteps, foot-pedals and so on. In the Automotive industry, it is used in the manufacture of engine seals, Rubber Mats and pedals. This is not all. In various industries, Industrial Rubber is used in different shapes and forms, some of which even the users are not aware of.

Like Rubber, the use and scope of plastic is rapidly growing day by day. In order to increase the elasticity PVC particularly is treated with dispersants. PVC is used for making PVC Hoses, PVC Water Stop Seals, tubes, curtains and ducting supplies. Many times Rubber & PVC Products find combined uses in industries like agriculture, food and beverage, and automobile. There is hardly a modern-day industry that excludes the use of these two products, Industrial Rubber Hose and Plastic.

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The Many Useful Purposes Of Rubber Mats

August 23, 2012

Rubber Mats are extensively used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They are not only useful for a number of things but also add to the appearance of the place at which they are used. Designer Rubber Mats are quite in vogue these days, as apart from having many useful functions, they are also really attractive.  Rubber Mats are generally used for the following purposes:

Applications Of Rubber Mats:
·    Rubber Mats are most popularly used as floor mats at homes, offices, gyms, temples and factories. The main purpose which these Rubber Mats serve at these places is to keep the places clean and tidy. Rubber Mats are quite good at removing dust and dirt particles from footwear.
·    Rubber Mats are used in bathrooms and other such places to prevent people from slipping on wet floors. These Rubber Mats also make the bathrooms look more attractive.
·    These mats are also used in vehicles such as cars to keep the interiors clean.
·    There are special Knee Saver Rubber Mats which are used while bending or kneeling.
·    Rubber Mats are also used while doing Yoga and some other exercises.
·     Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats are used in factories and industries. These mats are able to distribute and ease the pressure through legs and feet and reduce the effects of pressure.
·    Anti Vibration Mats are used in refrigerators and washing machines to minimize the risk of currents and vibrations.
·    Rubber Mats are also used near swimming pools to reduce chances of slipping and to prevent accidents.
·    Rubber Mats are also used for making mouse pads for computers.
·    Rubber Mats can also be used on ramps to assist easy mobility of handicap people. These Rubber Mats reduce the slipperiness of the ramps making it safer for the handicap people to use these ramps.
·    Rubber Mats are even used in gyms for keeping exercising equipment and to protect the floor from scratches.
·    Rubber Mats are used near electrical equipment in factories to protect workers from dangers of short circuit.

There are a number of Rubber Sheet Manufacturers which manufacture Rubber Mats for all purposes. Rubber Mats have a number of benefits for both domestic and commercial purposes. These days a wide range of Insulation Rubber Mat are also available to suit all kinds of purposes and pockets. Using Synthetic Insulation Mats is an interesting way to make the interiors more beautiful without spending too much money.

Rubber Mat

August 13, 2012

Advantageous in many ways and suitable for industrial and domestic purposes, the Rubber Mat has proved its worth. Restaurants, showrooms, public areas, cars, airports, waiting rooms, etc. are those places where you can find attractive Rubber Mats adding grace to the floorings.Owing to its beneficial characteristics Rubber Mats are a useful option in various applications:

  • The Rubber Mats have the high noise insulation capability. These mats prevent the sounds created by footsteps.
  • Rubber Mats characterize high grip quality. Whether the mat is dry or wet, it does not lose its grip to floor. Hence, it has a non-slippery nature.
  • Rubber Mat is comfortable to walk on.
  • Rubber Mat is eco-friendly as it is made up of natural raw materials.
  • Rubber Mat is easy to clean and needs no special care.
  • The installation process of Rubber Mat is really simple.
  • Rubber Mat is resistant to acids, fire, chemicals, cigarette burns and many more. Therefore, it is ideal to use at those places where the fire protection is a necessity.
  • Rubber Mat has resistance against the wear and tear; therefore, it is suitable for outdoor use.
  • Rubber Mat is extremely durable.
  • Rubber Mats are quite economical and need low maintenance.
  • Rubber Mats are available in a huge of variety of colors, designs, patterns, etc.

Depending on the type of applications, the Rubber Mats are designed in various ways:
1.    Circular Studs: These are ideal for general and industrial applications like undergrounds, airports, swimming pools, pedestrian areas, supermarkets, etc. These studs are also used in the construction of ships, buses, couches of trains and many more.
2.    Finger-Tip: These Rubber Mats are used as shoe-cleaning mats which are placed at the entrance to the home. These mats are non-slippery and quite comfortable also. This type of Rubber Mat is available in two forms: mat and roll.
3.    Honeycomb: This Rubber mat has great Insulating Property thus it prevents any electrical shock by absorbing it. Hence, it is used in workplace or at any busy passageway for electrical safety. It is also non-slippery mat. Easy to clean, Honeycomb Rubber Mat finds application in wet areas like beaches, swimming pool, etc.
4.    Checker: In warehouses, industrial areas, etc. Checker is used. It is a non-slippery Rubber Mat and easy to maintain.
5.    Flat-Marble: It is used in schools, hospitals, theatres, trains, buses, etc.

For more details regarding Rubber Mats, Electrical Rubber Mat,  Electrical Safety Rubber Mats,you may resort to online means. There are a number of websites and portals that carry the details of reliable Rubber Mats Suppliers.

Clear PVC Hoses Increase In Popularity

April 25, 2012

With time, PVC hoses have become an important part of industrial sectors . This equipment can be used in various spheres starting from factory setups to agricultural fields. The see-through equipment is alternative to various other piping applications and is mostly used where visual monitoring of the entire process is necessary as you can keep a track on the flow of the material.

Important Features:
·    PVC hoses are cost effective and versatile
·    Corrosion  resistant
·    Cold and heat resistant
·    Easy to install unlike any other kind of piping
·    Have smooth surface inside out
·    Can handle significant pressure efficiently
·    Bendable yet firm body for clamping and flexibility
·    Kink resistant
·    Light weight, soft and easy to handle
·    They are efficient in vacuum and pressure alike
·    Convenient and safe to use
·    Easy to transport
·    Long lasting

Moreover, ideal PVC hoses are not affected by chemicals. Most of these hoses are made up of cadmium free material. Hence, even sensitive and strong chemicals can be transferred through these hoses as safely as plain water.

1.    Agricultural field: They are mostly used for the irrigation of crops, transfer of liquid fertilizers to the crops and handling of grains.
2.    Manufacturing Units: They are used for flow of chemicals and liquids.
3.    Suction and Sanitation
4.    Rock cleaning
5.    Construction and mining
6.    Also used for transferring of food product and beverages without affecting the quality of the material.

Types Of Clear PVR Hoses:
1.    PVR suction hoses: Used for pumping and discharging of materials, suction of chemicals and saline water, etc.
2.    PVR duct hoses: Used in automobile, petroleum, shipping, oil and gas and textile industries. Also used in vacuum cleaners, air conditioning and ventilation.
3.    Air and pneumatic hoses: These hoses are also used in automobile, petroleum, textile, shipping and oil and gas industries.
4.    Super spray/ car washing hoses: These hoses are suitable for high spray of chemicals like insecticides, pesticides and fungicides in crops.
5.    Reinforced PVC lay flat water delivery hoses: They are use with light pumping duties
6.    Steel-water reinforced corrugated flexible hoses: Mostly used for suction and discharge of chemicals, liquids, foodstuffs as well as waste materials

Due to the smooth and flawless inner surface, Clear PVC Hoses allow continuous flow of any material. At the same time, their smooth outer surface proficiently resists abrasion. Clear PVC hoses can be used in variety of applications. They are available in wide range in the market as per the requirement and specific need.

Industrial Rubber For Oil & Gas Industry

March 17, 2012

The Rubber Industry has extensively grown with the passage of time. This is one of the fastest growing industries and different kind of rubber items are produced depending on the requirements in various industries. The use of rubber is extensive in various industries including Automobile, Oil and Gas, etc. Industrial Rubber is used in rubber pads for pipelines and in various oil and gas products. The rubber pad is used as an absorbent barrier between oil port terminals and oil tankers. Apart from this, you can also search for various types of Industrial Rubber Sheets based on your need and requirement.

Different Types Of Industrial Rubber Used In Oil And Gas Industry:

Nitrile Rubber Sheets: This type of rubber is used in various oil products which are resistant to fuel, oil, and other chemical products. The more the nitrile is added in the polymer, the more it gets resistant to oil. It is also used in various automotive industries which make various oil handling hoses, grommets, and seals. This rubber is able to withstand temperature from -40 °C to +108 °C.
Vilton Rubber Sheets: Like other rubber sheets, this type of rubber sheet is made up of high quality material and is resistant to high temperature and heat. This sheet is highly durable and is resistant to oil, fuel, and other chemicals. It also has high dielectric strengths.
Neoprene Rubber Sheets: This type of rubber sheet is highly resistant to various petroleum products and is also resistant to temperature ranging from -400F to +3000F. This rubber sheet is resistant to acid, heat and cold mineral oils.

Uses Of Industrial Rubber In Various Oil and Industry Applications:
·    In drilling machines, abrasion and hydrocarbon resistant, Industrial Rubber is used. The chemical resistant rubbers- HNBR, FKM, and FEPM rubber are suitable for use in high temperatures. In Cementing Equipment, NBR and HNBR are used which are both abrasion and chemical resistant. For flow and sand control, HNBR and FKM rubbers are used.

·Industrial Rubber plays a vital role in various industries. You can search for various Industrial Rubber Sheet manufacturers online and narrow down to those who will provide different rubber sheets and products according to your needs and preferences.

A Quick Guide to Rubber Matting

February 22, 2012

Rubber Mat is used to cover floors of not only homes and offices but also industrial units or factory site. It can be used as a safety cover against electrical shocks. Rubber Mat acts as an insulator to protect life of the workers in an industry.

Uniqueness of Rubber Mats:
Rubber Mats are highly distinguished from various other forms of mats particularly because of the properties of the rubber.

Few Of The Prominent Features Of Rubber Mats Are:
·    Patterns: There are different patterns in which Rubber Mats are available such as chequered, plain, etc.
·    Non slippery: They have this exceptional anti-slip property due to which they are best suited to cover the slippery floors. Rubber Mats can also be customized according to the requirement of the particular industry, making themselves versatile and phenomenal to use.
·    Thickness: Normally, the thickness of the Rubber Mats varies according to the different patterns. For instance, 8.5 mm to 25 mm for chequered pattern is suitable, while for plain pattern rubber mats, 6.5 mm to 25 mm is appropriate.
·    Color: Rubber Mats are made normally black in color but if used in offices and homes, then vivid colors are also available in the market.
·    Tensile Strength: Rubber has high tensile strength i.e. 50 kgf/cm2. It is Stretchable and flexible due to its elasticity property. It means Rubber Mats are also highly flexible. But it depends on the kind of the industrial unit that how much flexible the Rubber Mat should be.
·    Waterproof: They can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap and therefore, are suitable for all the kinds of environments, irrespective of the harsh weather conditions.

Before Buying Rubber Mats, a defect-check beforehand is important. The defects in the Rubber Mats may include puncture and heating up during industrial operations. Therefore, it is essential that all the Rubber Mats go thorough high-quality voltage tests so that any defect can be sorted out.

Application Areas:
·    Construction industry
·    Food processing industry
·    Cement industry
·    Thermo or hydro power plants
·    Chemical industry
·    Steel industry
·    Pharmaceutical industry
·    Fertilizer industry

There are many Manufacturers, Traders and Exporters of Rubber and Polymer Products in the market offering a wide range of Rubber Mats used in different industrial applications. Their products array is not just limited to Rubber Mats though, it includes many other products such Rubber Suction-Discharge, Rubber Sheets, PVC Flooring, PVC Hoses, PVC Sheets, Electrical Insulating Mats Plastic Handrails and many more.

Information on PVC Sheets Products

January 25, 2012

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is a polymer and PVC Sheets made from it are excellent for outdoor installations. These sheets are easily paintable. PVC Sheets are extremely weather resistant and has flexural strength. Polyvinyl Chloride sheets are mainly used in the construction of green houses. PVC Sheets are economical and extremely good at chemical resistance with great fire rating. PVC Sheets can be bond & weld easily and have got excellent insulation property. PVC Sheets are really popular due to their varied uses in the industry and fabrication applications.

Specialties Of PVC Sheets

  • Color of the PVC Sheet is mainly gray but can vary due to the batch and manufacture preference.
  • Poly Vinyl Chloride Sheets are disposable unlike polyethylene because PVC Sheets are not degraded by light. Due to this, it adds disposal expenses and more durability.
  • PVC Sheets are fused together to increase the size as they are not large as polyethylene sheets. Used in greenhouses, they trap heat at night, like glass, without being as heavy and expensive as glass.
  • PVC Sheets are more durable then polyethylene sheets and considered to be resistant to many chemicals.
  • PVC provide an alternative to the fragility of glass because of its flexible property.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride Sheets can be easily cut and shaped to fit almost any environment. It can even be bent to form curved edges and can be used as a hygienic cladding solution and also as an interior design feature.
  • Thers is a wide range of colours and thickness of PVC Sheets available in the market.
  • Transporting of PVC Sheet is very easy because of it lightweight and flexible nature.
  • It is used in commercial environments and more commoanly used in kitchen ceilings, in bathrooms and wet rooms.
  • PVC Sheet provides 100% waterproof service and is highly resisitant to heat. Also, it is really easy to clean.

PVC Sheets are often used for chemical storage tanks, towers, oil tanks, and photographic developing instruments. Poly Vinyl Chloride Sheets are easy to fabricate and have strong glue joints. One of the excellent benefits of PVC Sheet, is that they don’t greatly expand when exposed to heat. PVC is a good electrical & thermal insulator and has high strength- to- weight ratio. PVC Sheets provide clean and safer enviroment as PVC sheets and PVC profiles actually leave a smaller carbon footprint than most other cladding materials.